Loved by Kids… Trusted by Moms!

We know it can be hard to get kids excited about nutrition, so we’re here to help.

Your kids will love the delicious flavours and fun shapes of Treehouse Kids Supplements. Plus, our playful packaging featuring Max & Ruby and Franklin and Friends will make taking their vitamins even more fun.

But it’s not just about fun. Our supplements contain:

  • No artificial colours
  • No wheat
  • No aspartame
  • No preservatives

So you can rest assured that Treehouse Kids Supplements come parent-approved.

The formulas used were developed specifically with kids in mind, so you can give them to your little ones with confidence. Jump over to our products page to learn more about the line of supplements that’s loved by kids and trusted by moms.

Refer to our allergen chart below to help you decide which products are right for your kids.

Non GMO Wheat
Yeast Free Dairy Free Nut Free Vegan Veggie‡ Sweetened with
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-Multi-chewable-20141120aChewable Multi Vitamin Dextrose, fructose, sucralose
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-multi-chewable-ca-20121120Chewable Multi Vitamin w/ Minerals Xylitol, stevia rebaudiana leaf
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-VitaminD3-chewable-ca-20121120Chewable Vitamin D3 Xylitol
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-omega3-liquid-ca-20121121Liquid Omega-3, High DHA Glycerol, xylitol
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-Vitamin-D3-Liquid-cafr-20141120a Liquid Vitamin D3 Sugar free
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-vitc-chewable-ca-20121126aTooth-Friendly, Chewable Vitamin C Xylitol, stevia
rebaudiana leaf
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-probiotic-ca-20121126aProbiotic Powder Contains sugar
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-multi-gummie-cafr-20121121aMultivitamin with minerals Gummies Evaporated cane juice, organic tapioca
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-omega3-gummies-cafr-20121121Omega-3 Gummies Organic tapioca syrup,
evaporated cane juice
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-vitc-gummies-ca-20121121Vitamin C Gummies Evaporated cane juice,
organic tapioca syrup
Treehouse-Kids-Supplements-D3-gummie-cafr-20121126aVitamin D3 Gummies Evaporated cane
juice, organic tapioca syrup

‡ Suitable for vegetarians